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On Feb. 19, 2009, MonarchLIVE webcast and broadcast from Alternare, a community organization that promotes conservation and sustainable livelihoods for small farmers living in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. For more information about Alternare, go to Alternare welcomes visitors, so if you visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve near Angangueo be sure to stop in.

The 60-minute program was hosted by Rossana Landa with the Fund for the Conservation of Nature based in Mexico City. She was joined by Guadalupe (Lupita) del Rio, co-founder of Alternare. The program explains the concept of sustainability, ejido system of land management in Mexico, and some of the activities promoted by Alternare including:
-- growing food organically
-- creating biofertilizer
-- growing trees for
-- conserving soil and water
-- making adobe bricks for houses and outbuildings, and
-- training local small farmers. 

CLICK HERE to watch the program in English.

CLICK HERE to watch the program in Spanish. 

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