In the Mexican MountainsMonarchs in Mexican mountains

Lesson Plans

The teacher resources site and materials are used here with permission from The University of Minnesota Monarch Lab.  It provides a wealth of activities for teachers grades K-12, links to current research, courses, lesson plans, and outreach materials.

Monarch Lab
From the University of Minnesota
The Monarch Lab combines real science with techniques that work for both teachers and students. Within the Monarch Lab, there are opportunities for formal and informal educators to be guided in instructing their students to learn science in ways that reflect the science process methods scientists use to understand the natural world.

Daughters of the Sun
Students will investigate the significance of the butterfly for the early inhabitants of Mexico and what beliefs about the butterfly persist today. /Daughters_of_the_Sun.pdf (for grades 3-6)

For more lesson plans and resources for teachers, go to the Teacher and Student resources section of the USDA Forest Service's Monarch Butterfly in North America web page: